November 29, 2015

Colour Inspiration // Licorice Allsorts

A little eye candy (excuse the pun) to get you inspired this week… who knew licorice all sorts would proved the perfect colour inspiration in sherbet tones, contrasted with deep licorice greeny black?!
Colour Inspiration "Liquorice Allsorts, coral, dusky pink, yellow, mint, liquorice

Original photo from Caitlin Shearer

This mix of sherbet colours with dark liquorice would make a great colour palette for your next beaded bracelet project. It would be lovely in a crocheted blanked or make a beautiful watercolour palette…. or if you’re stitching at the moment, here are the approximate DMC colours for you…

DMC Colours Liquorice Allsorts Colour Inspiration palette

If you want to see what I stitched using this colour inspiration, click here.

What would you use this colour inspiration for?


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