November 22, 2015

Fashion Inspiration // Elevated Craft // Dolce & Gabbana’s Summer 2016 collection

It’s fair to say I’ll always find something to love in any D&G collection – I love the way they always try something new, incorporate tradition, whether through historical references of craft techniques… yet always keeping it super sexy, super feminine.

It’s always exciting to see the world of high fashion bring old fashioned techniques into modern design.

So no surprises then that I love the new 2016 Summer collection! But given we can’t all afford to don some D&G what inspiration can we take from their look?

To start with, stunning floral embroideries, red and white stand up off a black background…

Or layer embroideries over lace and wear with a simple came underneath…

Add pom poms to rafia or wicker baskets… but most of all, don’t be afraid of upping the details!

I couldn’t help but love the quirky references to all things Italian, from touristic hotspots to the Virgin Mary… stunning as always and loads of fun. 

See the full runway show here at the official D&G website.

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