January 9, 2016

Colour Inspiration // The Tropics

Wow, does this colour palette pack a punch! 
I love this photo (from NoDiceNada) – I can just feel the heat and the sound of drums beating near by… Don’t you just want to be there? This has to be the perfect colour inspiration for an upbeat creative project!
Colour Inspiration "The Tropics" hot pink, aqua and dark chocolate brown
It’s strange that when you single out each individual colour you can’t quite get the impact of the original image, produced by the various tones of each colour…  still, I love the colour palette and can imagine this coming to life in graphic design.
As always, here’s the DMC colour palette if you want to do some stitching…
DMC Thread Colours The Tropics Colour inspiration palette
If you use this palette as the colour inspiration for your next project, don’t forget to share the results! Just add a comment…
Have a happy and creative day!
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